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Eva Alija eva.alija at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 22:03:49 UTC 2012

Hello Kat, Patricio, Peter, Heloisa, Cindy, (Massimo and Primavera) and
others to come!

It's nice to meet you though this list to discuss open and wide about p2p
ways to explore design!
I made studies as designer, but not sure deserving this label, i feel more
comfortable defining myself as curious about Open Design, eager to go
deeper on this subject with you, I'd like to start my PhD research sometime
this year but waiting news from scholarships to be sure of and meanwhile,
working in the Human Rights Film Festival, on my free time reading and
getting inspiration from the book Peter mentioned, which I bought my last
time in Berlin, Where I may have assisted to the OKconference if I had got
to know about its existence before the very last minute when I was supposed
to go to a summer festival for having fun! Massimo, who I had known though
a common friend on FB, told me about! ;)

Oh! I didn't mention I'm basque, Northern Spain or Southern France, living
now in San Sebastian, but I made studies in Nantes, France. For my research
i have an intuition that i would like to follow, and i hope you can help
me, which consists in trying to check that the transfer from Open Source
Software development to Open Design are the p2p ways of discovering,
learning, working and sharing and therefore all the previous partly digital
process before an object or a service comes to light.. i like the process,
maybe that's why i'm not very productive in a traditional way, but my mind
doesn't stop and for the action I'm trying to fill the gap with some social
activism in my near context, which is quite hot lately!

I will note your concerns on my notebook which i try to carry with me
always and try to think of them, to make them slowly my own as well! Thanks
for Sharing them with me too!!

See you soon by this Open Space!
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