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Eva Alija eva.alija at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 19:23:04 UTC 2012

Hello Kat,
I'm not organizer for the workshop I referred in my e-mail, but I would be
really happy if I could attend it, i don't know yet if it will be possible!
For the details I know there will be international activists taking part
and sharing experiences, as A.F.R.I.K.A Groupe (Germany) and I can imagine
the common language will be english but those are just my suppositions.
Maybe you can find more info in the WebSite: http://www.enmedio.info/
I would be happy to help the plan of the Open Design stream of OKFest this
year! Thanks for your suggestion!
We keep in touch about this and other matters,

2012/3/12 Kat Braybrooke <kat.braybrooke at okfn.org>

> Hello Eva (and thanks to those who have introduced themselves so far - has
> been really inspiring to read your backgrounds and thoughts!)
> Eva - a quick note that I hope you'll get involved in helping plan the
> Open Design stream of OKFest this year - would be great to have your
> insight! Also, your event - Como acabar con el Mal - looks really
> fascinating. What languages will it be held in and is it affiliated at all
> with the Free Culture Forum in Barcelona?
> Always great to see events of this kind, which aim to combine art and
> activism in new ways, occurring in different cities :)
> Kat
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> On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 10:03 PM, Eva Alija <eva.alija at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Kat, Patricio, Peter, Heloisa, Cindy, (Massimo and Primavera) and
>> others to come!
>> It's nice to meet you though this list to discuss open and wide about p2p
>> ways to explore design!
>> I made studies as designer, but not sure deserving this label, i feel
>> more comfortable defining myself as curious about Open Design, eager to go
>> deeper on this subject with you, I'd like to start my PhD research sometime
>> this year but waiting news from scholarships to be sure of and meanwhile,
>> working in the Human Rights Film Festival, on my free time reading and
>> getting inspiration from the book Peter mentioned, which I bought my last
>> time in Berlin, Where I may have assisted to the OKconference if I had got
>> to know about its existence before the very last minute when I was supposed
>> to go to a summer festival for having fun! Massimo, who I had known though
>> a common friend on FB, told me about! ;)
>> Oh! I didn't mention I'm basque, Northern Spain or Southern
>> France, living now in San Sebastian, but I made studies in Nantes, France.
>> For my research i have an intuition that i would like to follow, and i hope
>> you can help me, which consists in trying to check that the transfer from
>> Open Source Software development to Open Design are the p2p ways of
>> discovering, learning, working and sharing and therefore all the previous
>> partly digital process before an object or a service comes to light.. i
>> like the process, maybe that's why i'm not very productive in a traditional
>> way, but my mind doesn't stop and for the action I'm trying to fill the gap
>> with some social activism in my near context, which is quite hot lately!
>> http://www.goteo.org/project/como-acabar-con-el-mal?lang=en
>> I will note your concerns on my notebook which i try to carry with me
>> always and try to think of them, to make them slowly my own as well! Thanks
>> for Sharing them with me too!!
>> See you soon by this Open Space!
>> Love
>> Eva
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