[OpenDesign] Introduction: greetings from Helsinki!

Massimo Menichinelli massimo.menichinelli at aalto.fi
Wed Mar 14 10:23:44 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,
it's nice to see that there are already quite few people registered and 
ready for the discussion! I will introduce myself as well then.

I am Massimo Menichinelli, I'm from Italy and currently living in 
Helsinki, Finland. I've been working on using design tools and processes 
for co-designing open source organizations around projects for already 
some years now. And, of course, such open source organizations could be 
developing design projects as well, that's why I'm interested in Open 
I'm much less interested in an Open Design as a traditional design 
project, I prefer to focus on all the processes, systems and tools that 
make the design of the project in an open way possible (on the social, 
business and technological side).

After graduating with a thesis on this subject (2005-2006), I started 
the openp2pdesign.org website and went on investigating and testing 
these processes.
I'm currently investigating these issues more as a doctoral candidate at 
Aalto University - School of Art, Design and Architecture - Media Lab 
and I'm also working as Producer for the FabLab activities at the Aalto 
FabLab, here in Helsinki. We are currently finishing the construction 
works and we will soon open it.
I'm also working on the organization of the Open Knowledge Festival with 
Kat and other people, and that's where the idea of the Open Design 
definition comes from! ;)

Looking forward to working with you on this project! :)


Massimo Menichinelli
mobile: (ITA) +39 3402971655 (FIN) +358 505981442
Skype: openp2pdesign.org
Aalto University
Aalto Media Factory - Aalto FabLab (Producer for the FabLab activities)
Metadesign for Open Systems, Processes, Projects

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