[OpenDesign] Greetings, with OPEN hands

Xavier Leonard ideasfromx.l at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 15:20:55 UTC 2012

Hello all-

I'm Xavier Leonard, an infotronics designer and information/communications
technologies activist.  My designs are located at the intersection of
people, objects and data, with an eye toward the meaning of "network
culture".  Lately that's meant Augmented Reality installations delivered
over cell phones, but various remote sensing and interactive video
projection projections are currently on my workbench. My activist work
includes providing research, analysis and communications pieces for public
policy oriented groups such as the Center on Policy Initiatives and the
California Broadband Policy Network. I'm a longtime participant in the
World Summit on the Information Society process and the International
Community Wireless Summit.

My pathway toward Open Design includes working with MIT's Center for Bits
and Atoms to found a Fab Lab in San Diego and working to test and document
use cases for the Serval Batphone, an open source, infrastructureless
telephony project. I'm also instigating an Open Hardware, distributed
prototyping process for the Batphone.

Looking forward to this conversation!


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