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Massimo Menichinelli massimo.menichinelli at aalto.fi
Thu Mar 29 09:56:27 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,
I've finally published a report of the Open Design meetup we had at 
Aalto Media Factory on January 28th, where we started discussing the 
possibility of an Open Design Definition to be developed 
collaboratively. You can find 3 blog posts about it here:

On the Blog of the Finnish Institute in London:

On the Blog of the Aalto Media Factory:

On the blog of the Open Design working group that we've just started 
(Aalto Media Factory + Open Knowledge Foundation):

With these blog posts and the presentation embedded we can have a 
starting point / framework for developing the discussion around the Open 
Design definition.

About the process... there may be probably some people joining us very 
soon (especially who attended the Open Design meetup), so I would wait 
1-2 weeks before starting it officially. In this way we can have time 
for introducing us better. Meanwhile the facilitators will develop a 
proposal of the process that we will then discuss together. We will have 
for sure online discussions and local workshops, for the moment we are 
organizing these ones:

* Free City in Tallinn - Estonia (27th of April)
* Future Everything's FAB* Summit in Manchester - UK (19th of May)

We will have one or more workshops here in Helsinki, and we will try to 
have much more workshops also in other cities.

It's great to see the discussion started in this list! :)


Massimo Menichinelli
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