[Openglam_members] OpenGLAM Working Group Members Update

Sam Leon sam.leon at okfn.org
Fri Apr 19 10:29:38 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well, I know a number of you will likely be recovering from
GLAM-Wiki - what a weekend! We've got a whole bunch of updates and some
easy actions for everyone so please keep reading...

Before I get into the details: a brief boring word on *nomenclature.* This
group has been renamed from OpenGLAM Task Force to *OpenGLAM Working Group
Members*. The address you should now use for correspondence with this *
private* group is *OpenGLAM_Members at lists.okfn.org. *The reason for
renaming is that it was causing confusion around the Open Knowledge Task
Force <http://okfn.org/taskforce/> which is a separate thing.

We've finally prepared a set of materials and processes that we hope can be
the basis for turning this group into the engine of global OpenGLAM
evangelism where we can all share knowledge, sync up and organise
activities that will drive openness in the cultural heritage sector onwards.

Here are the key updates:

   - The Open Knowledge Foundation has made available some funds to support
   the production of OpenGLAM merchandise and national travel to events which
   you would like to represent OpenGLAM at. *Ping either myself or
   joris.pekel at okfn.org if you want to arrange either of those things.* We
   have just had some beautiful flyers designed (download
   which some of you may want to stock up on and print locally.
   - We have a new OpenGLAM evangelism slide
   we hope some of you will find useful when you go to conferences and want to
   talk on behalf of OpenGLAM. We expect people will want to customise this,
   edit it and add their own slides - so get stuck in and let’s make an
   awesome evangelism deck!
   - We would like to fix a regular slot for monthly meetings - *Please
   fill in the Doodle <http://doodle.com/p3myhnnrn4qkm754>.*
   - We are listing all Working Group
Members<http://openglam.org/the-network/#WorkingGroupMembers> on
   the OpenGLAM website! But rather than just having a list, it would be great
   if this could be a nice photo with a couple of sentences about your
   interest in open cultural heritage. *Could everyone send a headshot and
   a 3 sentence bio?*
   - We have fixed down the first ideas for what membership to the OpenGLAM
   Working Group means and what it entails, *please read through
   check you’re happy and if you have comments on how we should adapt this
   then do comment. Once we have a version we’re all happy with it will go up
   on the OpenGLAM.org site.
   - Finally - we're incorporating - all the great feedback we had on
the OpenGLAM
   principles v0.2 <http://openglam.org/principles/> to iterate to v0.5, so
   *make sure you've made your comments on this mailing list or the public
   list <http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/open-glam> so that they can
   be incorporated into the next version.*

Any other comments on the emerging ideas about this group, people to
invite, its purpose and how we can more effectively communicate let's start
discussions here or alternatively broach them on the next call...


Sam Leon
Project Manager
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: samedleon
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