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Estermann Beat beat.estermann at bfh.ch
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Dear all,

I've put my suggestions for changes in a Google Doc (marked in yellow; see also the comments):

Most prominently, I re-formulated the entire section on public domain works, distinguishing between 2-D and 3-D works. Please have a look!

And feel free to make further edits, even if it's not a wiki... ;-)

Kind regards,

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Hi Everyone,

On the most recent Working Group call, I agreed to put up the most recent version of the OpenGLAM principles based on some of the comments that were received on the OpenGLAM public discussion list. I incorporated these into OpenGLAM Principles v0.6:


There has been a renewed interest from a number of cultural institutions in the idea of open content since the Getty release and it would be great to use this as an opportunity to point other institutions wanting their open content program to the principles. I therefore propose we iterate to v1.0 by the end of next week.

If people could give their remaining comments on thread that would be great.

I would also like to table 1 further principles on the basis of comments made by Maarten and Lotte in the last round of comments:

 *   Clearly document the open data, content and services you provide so that others can easily re-use, build and improve on what you've made made available.
What do people think? I'm also pondering adding in a principle concerning open licensing of scans of in-copyright works that a GLAM has the rights to. My gut feeling is that we're better to focus on PD works in the first instance.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

All the best,


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