[Openglam_members] Stepping down as an OpenGLAM Working Group member

Sam Leon sam.leon at okfn.org
Wed Feb 19 15:58:14 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

As some of you already know, I am taking up a new role at Open Knowledge
Foundation central to help transparency not-for-profits work with open data
more effectively. After much thought, I've decided to step down as a
volunteer for the OpenGLAM Working Group in order to free up some time to
work with the communities I will come into contact with in my new role.

I've enjoyed working with all of you in my capacity as a Community
Coordinator and as a volunteer OpenGLAM Working Group member. It's
incredible to recall that back at the end of 2011 there was no OpenGLAM
Working Group! Just over two years later, we now have such a diverse,
committed and talented group of people all pushing for change and education
cultural heritage institutions.

Now with OpenGLAM Finland in full-swing, an active Advisory Board, a
benchmark study up and running a slew of brilliant articles from world
class curators on open collections, I really feel the Working Group is in a
great place. Through the work we've all contributed to, I believe that the
idea of open cultural content is taking hold and I believe that OpenGLAM is
an essential cog in the process of building a cultural commons.

I'm still on this email address and always happy to input and help out if
asked. I will also remain on the OpenGLAM public mailing list, but - for
now at least - I will no longer join the OpenGLAM Working Group calls. The
call next week will be my last one (provided we can run it on Wed 26th!)

This isn't goodbye, so I'm not going to make a meal of it :) I'll speak to
most of you next week and I'll be seeing many of you at OKFestival in
Berlin and some of you even sooner!

All the best,


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