[Openglam_members] GLAM Benchmark Survey - Next Steps

Estermann Beat beat.estermann at bfh.ch
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Dear all,

I have further populated our coordination portal on the Outreach Wiki:

Please have a look and make additions/corrections where necessary.

Mailing list:

As nobody has protested since my last mail to this list, I would suggest that we use the openglam_members list for the coordination of the survey (at least during initial stage).

@Joris/Sam: May I ask you to subscribe Leigh (osamadre at hotmail.com<mailto:osamadre at hotmail.com>), Sebastiaan (terburg at wikimedia.nl<mailto:terburg at wikimedia.nl>), Iolanda (iolanda at pensa.it<mailto:iolanda at pensa.it>), Samat (samat78 at gmail.com<mailto:samat78 at gmail.com>), Susanna (susanna.anas at wikimedia.fi<mailto:susanna.anas at wikimedia.fi>), and Dorota (kawecka at innemuzeum.pl<mailto:kawecka at innemuzeum.pl>) to the mailing list?

If anybody else would like to join the list, please let us know! (once the people mentioned are signed up, I will stop CC'ing everybody)

Next Steps:

I've come up with a tentative project organization and a work package structure for the first quarter of 2013: https://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/GLAM/OpenGLAM_Benchmark_Survey/Implementation_Plan

Project organization and the definition of roles will certainly keep us busy over the coming weeks and will be a topic for discussion at our next coordination meeting. Let me make some initial suggestions from where to take discussions further:

Concerning Work Package 1: Project Management

@ Sam / Lieke: Would one of you be ready to help with the project management tasks?

I think it is good practice to define for each work package a co-lead of two persons or a lead and a substitute.
If anybody else is interested in helping with project management tasks, please let us know. In the initial phase, however, I think it is more valuable to the project if you focus on getting your local teams started.

Concerning Work Package 2: Questionnaire Development

There will be a broad review process where all of you will be asked to contribute.
If anybody would like to help with the coordination, just let me know.

Concerning Work Package 3: Pretest

I think the lead here should be with someone from the Dutch team. Maybe you could sort that out at your first Dutch coordination meeting.
Please keep us posted about the progress regarding the building up of the Dutch project team.

Concerning Work Package 4: Partnerships / Funding Requests

@ Susanna: Would you be ready to take the (co-)lead of this work package, especially regarding the funding request to the WMF and possibly other funding requests?
@ Lieke: Could you manage the contact with the two digitization consortia/networks "Impact" and "Enumerate"? Would you be ready to take the (co-)lead of this work package, especially regarding the management of the various partnerships?
@ Joris: Could you clarify the role, Europeana would like to play with regard to this project? Once this is done, would it be possible for you to contact similar organizations on other continents?
@ Sam: Could you clarify the role of the Open Knowledge Foundation with regard to this project?

I believe it is best practice to establish for each partner a document detailing how they will contribute to the project and how they expect to benefit from it. Once agreement on this has been reached and documented, we can officially list them as partners.

Concerning the Local Teams:

There is a page where you can list the national coordinators and the members of your local team:

I think it is very important at this stage to build up local teams and get started with the tasks that are listed for the first quarter of 2014.

Please let us know what you think about this plan and how things are evolving on your side!

Kind regards,


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Subject: [Openglam_members] GLAM Benchmark Survey - Meetup on 9 Jan 2014 - Minutes

Dear all,

You'll find the minutes of today's kick-off meeting in the Google Doc:

@meeting participants: please have a look and make corrections/additions if necessary by the end of the week.

I'm glad that so many of you were able to participate in today's meeting! - The fact that the project is met by so much enthusiasm will certainly act as a motivator to all of us and pave the way through the project's start-up phase!

I have started to set up a portal on the Outreach wiki that is dedicated to the coordination of our benchmark survey:

It is still quite incomplete. So please jump in and help developing it! - I think we can copy a lot from the Wiki Loves Monuments coordination portal.

Concerning the mailing list, I would suggest that we use the openglam_members list to coordinate the work for the survey, unless some of the other list members are protesting against that plan during the coming days. We are currently 18 people subscribed to this mailing list out of which 9 have already manifested their interest in contributing to the benchmark survey. We can always set-up a separate mailing list later on if needed.

Next week, I'm planning to further develop the wiki pages on the Outreach Wiki, advertise our project among the wider GLAM-Wiki community, and make a few suggestions how to organize our work over the coming weeks.

I think it would be an excellent idea if our Dutch colleagues would meet as soon as possible in order to constitute their local team, to clarify roles and start working towards the pretest.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas of how to further organize our work, please share them by e-mail or on the wiki!

Kind regards,

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