[Openglam_members] GLAM Benchmark Survey - Next Steps

Susanna Ånäs susanna.anas at wikimedia.fi
Thu Jan 16 19:44:11 UTC 2014

Thanks, Beat

> *Concerning Work Package 4: Partnerships / Funding Requests*
> *@ Susanna: *Would you be ready to take the (co-)lead of this work
> package, especially regarding the funding request to the WMF and possibly
> other funding requests?

Tentatively: it's possible. You must acknowledge that the funding
application of our chapter in WMF is pending, and I do not know if it can
disturb the process. In principle these should be two separate things.

And co-lead, please, rather than lead. I want to know that there will a
support structure at busy times, and I know many are more experienced in

I hope we will have dedicated resources to work on this in Finland in

Best, Susanna

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