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Estermann Beat beat.estermann at bfh.ch
Thu Jul 3 11:51:56 UTC 2014

Dear all,

Our Wikimania submission focusing on the OpenGLAM working group has been accepted - but with a change in length and type.
Instead of organizing a workshop we can give a series of presentations from various countries:

As laid out in the session description, I would suggest that we give the priority to countries where various organizations cooperate to promote OpenGLAM.
There are 5-7 minutes slots for 4 countries. Each country could give a short overview of their overall approach and present one of their "highlights".

Does that make sense? - Who would like to present their country's approach? Please indicate what "highlight" you would like to focus your presentation on!

@Joris/Lieke: Would one of you be ready to give a short presentation of the international OpenGLAM working group at the beginning of the session? (I guess we could shortly mention the OpenGLAM Benchmark survey project as part of this presentation).

Kind regards,

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