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Wed May 28 10:35:07 UTC 2014

Hi both,

Yes, we do have a small budget for the OpenGLAM WG to support printing
flyers and other promotional material - it is very limited though :(
And we can definitely give organisational support where needed for funding

As for the monthly calls, perhaps we could schedule them at a fixed
time/date in the future (for example on every last Tuesday of the month,
one month from 17.00-18.00 CET and the next month from 9.00 -10.00 CET)?
This would give people in different timezones an option to join at least
every other month, and people can plan ahead for when to attend. Just an
idea, perhaps we can discuss it in out next call?

Best, Lieke

On 27 May 2014 12:54, Joris Pekel <jpekel at gmail.com> wrote:

> He Sarah!
> Great to hear from you. And good to hear we have you on our side again :)
> Picked out a few points from your mail:
> Monthly calls - Still haven't quite figured out how to do this with the
> different timezones more and more of the members are in. We could suggest
> two calls but my personal schedule is a bit too crazy at the moment to run
> two a month, especially on weird times. Perhaps we can think of a second
> coordinator that runs separate calls and feed back to the group?
> Swag - We used to have a little budget for this kind of stuff where we
> could give people some money and a template to print of stuff. @Lieke could
> you let me know if the OKF is still in the position of doing this?
> Same goes for running a conference. I do not believe the WG can fund this.
> But we can give organisational support when looking for funding..
> Too bad your proposal was not accepted! Also as the conference has gender
> and transnational diversity high up. But I did see the insane amount of
> good proposals that came in so it was extremely difficult to pick. Still
> secretly hoping you find a way to make it...
> Anyway, let's do a proper catchup soon.
> Speak soon!
> Joris
> 2014-05-23 18:09 GMT+02:00 Sarah Stierch <sarah.stierch at gmail.com>:
>> (Pardon the semi professional semi personal email here...this might be
>> TL:DR but the people who care will read it I suppose)
>> Hi everyone,
>> As some of you may know, I used to be *very* involved in OpenGLAM. I
>> worked for OKF and helped launch the OpenGLAM initiative in the USA. Sadly
>> that partnership ended when I decided to accept a full time job at the
>> Wikimedia Foundation (a large part of that was due to the need I had for
>> health insurance, which still wasn't accessible to all in the US, no
>> offense to the mission :)  ).
>> Well life has changed. I wanted to give ya'll some updates:
>> 1. I'm no longer working at the Wikimedia Foundation, if you didn't know
>> by now. I'm not legally allowed to talk about why, and I hope you'll
>> respect that. Life hasn't been easy, but, that's how it goes sometimes.
>> 2. This allows me now to re-devote my life to what I have spent the
>> majority of my adulthood studying, researching, and obsessing about -
>> GLAMs.
>> 3. I attended my first GLAM conference in ages this week, the American
>> Alliance of Museums conference. I wrote a blog about it, which will soon be
>> reposted by OpenGLAM, I hope you'll read it. I will leave it for Lieke to
>> post :)
>> 4. It led me to the conclusion that people in the US still have no
>> fucking idea what OpenGLAM is. To be blunt. We gave the first MUSE Award
>> out [*the* American museum award for technology] for "Open" and people
>> were saying it was a catch all category for whatever "didn't fit in the
>> other categories." FAIL. And at an Sweden won it, btw, with the LSH project
>> (which I blogged about on OpenGLAM a while back). And that is just one
>> example...
>> 5. Since losing my job I have started consulting. A large portion of my
>> work is grantwriting right now. I never liked doing it, but, the pay is
>> good and nothing makes me happier to see a client today email me to say
>> they received $7500 USD to buy 30 iPads and other equipment for a digital
>> project they are working on (and this is a museum with a $300,000 budget!).
>> I am rebranding to be an open culture consultant that offers grantwriting
>> services. My services are not expensive. Most of my clients are small
>> museums right now. But, I have bigger better plans and will always love
>> help at finding work.
>> 6. WHat does this all mean?
>>        a. i'm back
>>        b. i intend on making our monthly calls
>>        c. i want to talk to folks about having OpenGLAM booths at
>> conferences, at least US conferences. I can't afford to magically have
>> banners and swag, let alone always travel (I have to pay for conferences on
>> my own pretty much), so, that's something I need to think about, too. And i
>> hope ya'll can help me think about it. we need hands on activities, action
>> and to sit people down and brainwash them. That is one thing I do
>> best...cult leader of OPEN
>>        d. i want to submit some talks at conferences about general
>> OpenGLAM (what is it), presentation suggestions welcome. I know they exist.
>>        e. i want to host another US OpenGLAM bootcamp - I did an event at
>> University of California Berkeley a few years back. I'm currently a fellow
>> at Berkeley and they want to host another one, but, I need feedback on if I
>> should do it here again or someplace else. If someplace else...more money
>> will be needed and sponsorship that's bigger than just....$500 to throw an
>> event (my travel and accommodations, things like that)
>>       f. the presentation i co-submitted with Jon Voss wasn't accepted so
>> there will be no magical Berlin OKF for me this year. last year I had to
>> decline due to my work with WMF, this year...no submission acceptance (this
>> less of a chance of finding funding). OK that the submission wasn't
>> accepted, disappointing because the lack of US GLAM folks seems to
>> be....nil this year. But ya'll will make it without us.. ;)
>> I missed you.
>> -Sarah
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