[Openglam_members] Open Collections page - was Re: Doodle for next call

Marieke Guy marieke.guy at okfn.org
Tue Feb 24 09:21:23 UTC 2015

Hi Everyone,

I'm probably not going to be able to make the call as I'm away most of 
next week but I wanted to update you on how the Open Collections page is 
coming along.

We now have a new site on a different server (the other was a test 
server). There is quite a bit of content and I'm just in discussions 
with our designer regarding the CSS and styling (to align it with the 
rest of the OpenGLAM site).

The site is currently at http://omeka.okfn.org/ it will be moved to 
http://openglam.org/open-collections/ later on.

Some areas I'd like help with:

  * We need to think about how we deal with rights. Should this be by
    star ratings for PD content (e.g.
    http://omeka.okfn.org/items/show/89) or is there another approach?
    Any ideas?
  * Any thoughts on the metadata we are collecting for each item? Is
    there more you'd like to see? We can use Dublin core
    <http://omeka.org/codex/Working_with_Dublin_Core> or make up our own
  * I've started adding tags and you can browse these from here
    <http://omeka.okfn.org/items/tags?sort_field=name&sort_dir=a> - any
    thoughts on the type of tags we can add
  * What should go on the search page
    <http://omeka.okfn.org/items/search> - is there currently too much?
    Should we reduce it/ restructure it?
  * We need to test the contribution
    <http://omeka.okfn.org/contribution> page - anyone like to have a go?
  * Anyone technical care to have a look at the output formats - see the
    bottom of a browse page (atom, dcmes-xml, json, omeka-json,
    omeka-xml, rss2). There is an API available too - note to myself to
    look into this.
  * It was suggested that we could provide information about
    applications making use of these open GLAM collections - any ideas
    on how this could be done?
  * Also suggested that we could provide a tracking system showing which
    collections are also available within Wikimedia Commons and/or
    Europeana, DPLA, or similar - thoughts on doing this?

Any other comments/suggestions more than welcome.



On 23/02/2015 19:48, Joris Pekel wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> February has nearly ended, which means time for our next call.
> I have set up a Doodle here: http://doodle.com/p82zf584ticaczyz
> Hope may of you can make it!
> Cheers,
> Joris
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