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Joris Pekel jpekel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 08:53:54 UTC 2015

Hi Marieke, all

wow great progress! I have made some comments inline.
Oh and while we are at it. We will be having our next call on the 4th of
March at 17:00 CET
I'll send out the link 5 min beforehand. Speak then!

Do you think btw it is worth it to send it out to the wider list to ask for
feedback Marieke?

2015-02-24 10:21 GMT+01:00 Marieke Guy <marieke.guy at okfn.org>:

>  Hi Everyone,
> I'm probably not going to be able to make the call as I'm away most of
> next week but I wanted to update you on how the Open Collections page is
> coming along.
> We now have a new site on a different server (the other was a test
> server). There is quite a bit of content and I'm just in discussions with
> our designer regarding the CSS and styling (to align it with the rest of
> the OpenGLAM site).
> The site is currently at http://omeka.okfn.org/ it will be moved to
> http://openglam.org/open-collections/ later on.
> Some areas I'd like help with:
>    - We need to think about how we deal with rights. Should this be by
>    star ratings for PD content (e.g. http://omeka.okfn.org/items/show/89)
>    or is there another approach? Any ideas?
> I think stars for rights can be a bit problematic. I think we should just
mention the rights and link to a page that explains them (PD Mark, CC BY
etc.). Issue with stars is that they don't mean so much. If you are a very
open institution, but you just don't happen to have that much material that
is in the PD, does that mean you get less stars? A discussion we can have
is what to do with material that is in the PD, but licensed with a CC BY
license for example (Wellcome). Also, the 5 star system of Berners-Lee is
mostly applicable on metadata I think, not so much on the content itself.
If we look at the content with this system I think hardly any of them would
get 5 stars.

>    -
>    - Any thoughts on the metadata we are collecting for each item? Is
>    there more you'd like to see? We can use Dublin core
>    <http://omeka.org/codex/Working_with_Dublin_Core> or make up our own
>    fields
> I think DC is fine. Don't know if other people have thoughts?

>    - I've started adding tags and you can browse these from here
>    <http://omeka.okfn.org/items/tags?sort_field=name&sort_dir=a> - any
>    thoughts on the type of tags we can add
> Can we limit them and people contributing pick one? For example 'castle'
does not seem like the most useful one. Architecture for example should be
there I think. If people are missing tags they can suggest and we can add.
Not sure if we should add countries as tags, what do people think?

>    - What should go on the search page
>    <http://omeka.okfn.org/items/search> - is there currently too much?
>    Should we reduce it/ restructure it?
> I think the search only gets useful if there is really a load of material
up there, which is currently not the case. Also, I recently heard at
Europeana Tech some good talks from people who are anti-search boxes. They
don't guide the user at all. I much prefer to do it with proper tagging so
people can browse by category.

>    -
>    - We need to test the contribution <http://omeka.okfn.org/contribution>
>    page - anyone like to have a go?
> I created an account but it says my pw is incorrect. If I try to reset it
gives an error..

>    - Anyone technical care to have a look at the output formats - see the
>    bottom of a browse page (atom, dcmes-xml, json, omeka-json, omeka-xml,
>    rss2). There is an API available too - note to myself to look into this.
>     - It was suggested that we could provide information about
>    applications making use of these open GLAM collections - any ideas on how
>    this could be done?
> I suggest we do this in the second phase of development. Let's get this
right first.

>    - Also suggested that we could provide a tracking system showing which
>    collections are also available within Wikimedia Commons and/or Europeana,
>    DPLA, or similar - thoughts on doing this?
> I think setting up a tracking system is a bit too much work atm. Perhaps
we can add a field in the contributions page where we ask 'Set available in
Europeana? Yes/No and the possibility to include the link.

>    -
> Any other comments/suggestions more than welcome.
> Thanks
> Marieke



> On 23/02/2015 19:48, Joris Pekel wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>  February has nearly ended, which means time for our next call.
> I have set up a Doodle here: http://doodle.com/p82zf584ticaczyz
>  Hope may of you can make it!
>  Cheers,
>  Joris
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