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 Dear Friends

Here is an excellent development in AllTrials, which as you know needs to
be global if it is to succeed. No small number of the signatories to
AllTrials have wondered why the World Health Organisation has never had a
policy on reporting the results of clinical trials. The WHO has now
resolved that it needs one.

It is seeking public comments on a draft statement, which you can find here

This is potentially a really significant step. We – you, I and other
signatories of AllTrials – have a chance to press the WHO to state
unambiguously that the results of every trial that has taken place, as well
as those from now on, should be reported. Also to remind them that the
accepted time to report results or offer a reason for delay is 12 months.

If the statement covers past trials and timely reporting, as well as the
ethical obligation to report, it will greatly assist AllTrials supporters
around the world, particularly in countries where the campaign has not yet
gained commitments from research funders and regulators.

So please do comment on the statement, to welcome this move by WHO and
reiterate the importance of the statement covering past trials and a 12
month reporting deadline. The consultation closes on 15th November. We’re
working on our own response right now and will share that with you soon.

Best wishes


PS This also really underlines the importance of telling more people around
the world about AllTrials. If you have any friends or contacts you
haven't shared
the petition with <http://www.kulahub3.com/li.aspx?cu=6228000&link=122703>,
please do. You can share it on Facebook
<http://www.kulahub3.com/li.aspx?cu=6228000&link=122704> and on Twitter

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Peter Murray-Rust
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
University of Cambridge
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