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Hi Els,

Yes, that is one of our projects.  J&J has partnered with a newly formed organization CCDR (U of T's Center for Collaborative Drug Research), which is an amalgamation of many institutions (academic, research, hospitals) in the Toronto area, to fund any proposals that are meeting important unmet medical needs in mood disorders and Alzheimer's.  We will do a call for applications  twice a year, the first call starting November 6th with first papers due January 6th.  These simple 1-3 page proposals will which will go in front of the Joint Steering Committee, which is comprised of J&J and UofT representatives.  We will pick the top 10 for more extensive applications for which the JSC will offer their resources to help flush out.  These applications can be of any type (therapeutics, diagnostics, care management, etc.) and can be for any size or dollar amount.

The JSC will pick a top selection (top 3-6 projects) with the final contenders to be chosen by the CCDR.  J&J has put up the initial pot of money but we are requiring a local match for each grant for which we're dedicated to helping raise and are in the process of soliciting those matches now.  In addition, we are also opening up our resources at J&J including access to compound libraries, expert resources, etc. which can also include residency at Janssen Labs.

These are all grants with no strings attached.  The Toronto area has a number of research institutions that are completely based on the open source model and have been quite successful at it, so this is based on their experience and history in this domain.  In fact, the Structural Genomics Consortium in Toronto has been particularly successful at it and is an interesting case study.

This is another experiment of ours for which, if successful, we'll invite other pharmas to participate.  We did a similar experiment last year called the Cognition Challenge which was a smaller version of this.  This is an expansion of that project.

Let me know if you have other questions and also happy to talk live.


MELINDA RICHTER | Head of Janssen Labs

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Hi Melinda,

I saw the announcement for an open source research collaboration between Janssen and Toronto University:

Is that one of your projects?
Seems truly fascinating - can you tell us a bit more about it?
How is the open source going to work in practice?
And how will the ownership/IP of the results be dealt with?

best wishes

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