[wdmmg-dev] budget data

Carlos FIgueiredo carlosmiguelfigueiredo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 09:04:55 UTC 2011

Dear Nick, Martin, Peio,

Thank you for the patience and support.
I think I made some progress and uploaded a new data file (updated, 
better structure) and a new model already with some views

Next I went to http://etl.sandbox.openspending.org/load (and tried to 
load and test) but got a 403 forbidden error. (yes I tried to delete the 
dataset first.)

I would apreciate if you could assist me carrying it on, I'm pretty sure 
something will fail in the model, but I'm quite anxious to try it.

Peio, for some testing at my website at 
governarportugal.org/bubbles/ptbudget.html I have set up a github fork 
of your tests at

git at github.com:csfigu/portugal-budget-visualization.git

(you should have write access to it)

Ok, looking forward to hearing from you.



On 10-08-2011 10:51, Peio Popov wrote:
> The bubbles app is sending live requests via the API to
> sandbox.openspending.org and is getting the live data. This is why you
> need to load the data in openspending first and then create the
> bubbles viz.
> Peio
> On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 12:28, Carlos FIgueiredo
> <carlosmiguelfigueiredo at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> About the repo, not yet! working on it...
>> What I mean is that if upload your bubbles folder in my PC it still "works",
>> so where is it reading from?
>> If you check www.governarportugal.org/bubbles/bgbudget.html you'll still see
>> the data.
>> I know I'm asking silly questions but it's too much info and not enough time
>> to deal with it all.
>> Regards,
>> Carlos
>> On 10-08-2011 10:19, Peio Popov wrote:
>>> I don't seem to understand your question "where is it getting the data
>>> from?". There are pairs of two files - model.js and data.csv they go
>>> together as the model describes the data. If you want to load a
>>> different model - just update the model file.
>>> Why don't you try do explain the columns in the file you gave and then
>>> I might try to create a model. Also you promised to create a repo to
>>> enable collaboration - have you done so?
>>> Regards,
>>> Peio
>>> On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 11:52, Carlos FIgueiredo
>>> <carlosmiguelfigueiredo at gmail.com>    wrote:
>>>> Hi Peio,
>>>> Thanks a lot. I just see that it just works! But where is it getting the
>>>> data from? And how can I load a different model and populate it with my
>>>> data?
>>>> I'm sort of time pressured but I'm working on the portuguese data and
>>>> model,
>>>> hope I can test it today!
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Carlos
>>>> On 08-08-2011 10:21, Peio Popov wrote:
>>>>> Just an addition. All the code of the bulgarian viz is public:
>>>>> https://github.com/peio/bg-budget-visualization
>>>>> On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 12:12, Peio Popov<peio at peio.org>      wrote:
>>>>>> Carlos, sorry for the late repy - your message has been fitered.
>>>>>> I think it is better to get on  irc or jabber
>>>>>> (peio at jabber.minus273.org) and try to create the module and load it.
>>>>>> Write back to let me know when it will be ok for you.
>>>>>> Peio
>>>>>> On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 14:55, Carlos FIgueiredo
>>>>>> <carlosmiguelfigueiredo at gmail.com>      wrote:
>>>>>>> Dear Peio,
>>>>>>> Great to see your e-mail, I'd love to reproduce what you showed in
>>>>>>> your
>>>>>>> website with portuguese data, and really need a push start.
>>>>>>> Could you share examples of data and the software you used?
>>>>>>> I'd really apreciate the help.
>>>>>>> Kind Regards,
>>>>>>> Carlos

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