[wdmmg-dev] Blog post on WDMMG backend tech

David Cabo david.cabo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 09:01:51 UTC 2011

 Thanks for taking the time to explain all this Friedrich, it looks very good.

 One question: I assume all the loader scripts need to be modified,
but is this going to impact the API too?

 Regarding adding data from other countries, I've parsed the spanish
budget for the last few years, and each expense programme is broken
down into quite a lot of categories and sub-categories. (The
visualization [1] shows the top three levels, but there're 3-4 more
below.) Just let me know if you're interested in loading this into the
back-end. I guarantee you there are some tricky bits. :)



[1]: http://www.dondevanmisimpuestos.es

On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 8:27 PM, Friedrich Lindenberg
<friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> as many of you know, for the past two months we've refactored
> WhereDoesMyMoneyGo to run on MongoDB instead of PostgreSQL. As this
> transition is now mostly done, I've tried to explain what we have done
> in the following blog post:
> http://wheredoesmymoneygo.org/2011/02/14/moving-to-mongo-where-does-my-money-gos-new-back-end/
> I'm looking forward to your comments and ideas for improvement.
> Best regards,
>  Friedrich
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