[wdmmg-dev] Work Progress on OpenSpending

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org
Thu Feb 17 22:22:43 UTC 2011

Hi all,

after a recent conversation with Rufus I want to follow his advice and
give a brief status update of the work that I've done on WDMMG since
our last Telco. I'd be glad if others that have been active around the
project could contribute something similar. So - here goes:

* Rufus set up trac.openspending.org which I have populated with some
tickets. It will now serve as our primary task manager, deprecating
the old KForge component. Ticket numbers below refer to this.
* I've begun some work on a new theme and navigation mode for the
re-labeled OpenSpending site. Nowhere near what I'd like it to be yet,
but getting somewhere.
* Added a dimension controller that replaces the /key controller in
wdmmg classic.
* Created custom search interfaces for all entities, classfiers and
datasets by abstracting /search - this way you have both an entries
listing on each of these items and get to search it :-)
* Refactored the loader to support incremental loading of datasets
(i.e. reloading without dropping contents first), refactored most
loaders to support this.
* Rewritten the loader for barnet council and israel to adapt both to
the new loader framework. Added views to them.
* Created Google Spreadsheets for the German "Funktionenplan" (COFOG)
and "Gruppierungsplan", loaders for both
* Re-wrote German budget loader, separating scraper and loader part
(now connected via JSON files)
* Added colors to COFOG Google Spreadsheet to support datastore vis'
using flash color scheme
* Fixed disk caching of aggregation results
* Deployed to staging
* Currently loading "openspending-planet" for the first time :-)

Sorry for the long email, should do this more frequently...

 - Friedrich

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