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>> Do you want small bits of feedback yet.

I am impressed.

Friedrich Lindenberg schrieb:
> I'm particularly
> interested to learn how well people do with the new navigation - are
> things accessible or is the interesting stuff hidden away? 

I already knew the most features from http://bund.offenerhaushalt.de/>,
so the difference to the navigation wasn't that great. To me, the
existing functions are working well and understandable, but the variety
of them isn't that great.
Although it took me a lot of time to figure out, that there are
different budgets that can be checked out: "UK Barnet Council Budget",
"UK Country Regional Analysis", Isreal, Uganda and Germany. I first
didn't see that selection box.

The "interesting stuff" for me are e.g. functions like "How much of this
and that did I pay thorugh my taxes" or "What Percentage of the GBP has
gone into streets? How has this value developed over the past years" and
"Direct comparison between spending for streets vs. local public
So there are three features that should be implemented:
* Select all spending categories for later comparison (See my attached
screenshot "direct-compare,png" for that.)
* Compare spending categories over time
* Compare over time, but not in absolute numbers but in percentage of
the GBP.

> Also, I'm
> still unsure with regards to the placement of certain elements, e.g.
> aggregates over time (the amounts paid over all reported years is part
> of the view but not presently visible on the site). Where shall we put
> that?

I would put it beneath "CRA: Spending by tertiary function" and "CRA:
Spending by region". See my attached screenshot "overtime.png" for that.
Note: That function should be available for each region/possible view, too.

>> High-level comment: I find the colours on the homepage a bit bright :)
> Agreed (the colors are those used in Flash). I actually find it hard
> to imagine a color scheme for the site that would not conflict with
> vis colors, so one general option would be to go to grayscale again -
> what do people think?

I liked the colours from <http://bund.offenerhaushalt.de/>. They were
ok. Barnet is ok, too. Isreal is black-in-black, that is terrible.
Uganda and Germany I can't see. UK Count is very flashy, that should be
changed, right.

> - Friedrich

Best regards,
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