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Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org
Fri Jan 11 14:43:52 UTC 2013

Hey Vitor,

On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 9:50 PM, Vitor Baptista <vitor at vitorbaptista.com>wrote:

> I've finished a first version of the timeseries graphs. It's in the
> feature/time-series branch on openspendingjs. There're a few things missing.

I tried to check it out, but didn't get it working. Can you see what I'm
doing wrong? http://cl.ly/image/0n0h391K2432

> First, I was thinking in how to limit the entries' amount. I tried to
> simply change Aggregator's pagesize, but that kinda sucks. The best
> solution is to limit the number of entities shown over a period of time,
> but pagesize limits the number of elements returned. If I set a pagesize to
> 100, I might receive 100 entries of a single entity, or 100 different
> entities.

Hm, I don't quite get this - can you explain? Don't you just drill-down
over time and whatever dimension you want to display and get the maximum
result set size?

Second, it makes more sense to select a range in the slider, instead of
> simply the year. There're even datasets that simply don't work if you
> select only a year (i.e. Slovakia's). But, for it to work, I would need a
> way to get ranges through the API. I could find none. The only way was to
> cut by every year inside the range, but that's another hack. Also, it won't
> work if we allow selecting month (or day) ranges. Ideas?

Again, I'm not sure what you mean - are you trying to limit the result set
of the years? If so, a two-button slider would certainly be cool to have.

> And last, I haven't checked it yet, but could you point me where to look
> to add the widget inside openspending?

It's in in the .ini config, openspending.widgets = treemap bubbletree
aggregate_table rickshaw timeseries


- Friedrich

> Cheers,
> Vítor.
> 2012/11/26 Friedrich Lindenberg <friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org>
>> Hey Vitor,
>> On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 4:55 PM, Vitor Baptista <vitor at vitorbaptista.com>wrote:
>>> I read the other widget's code. My main doubt is about Bob. As far I
>>> could understand, it's responsible for building the queries for OS' API, is
>>> that right? Apart from that, is there anything else I should know before
>>> starting?
>> Yeah, so the idea behind bob is that it will be given a query
>> specification and then generate an maintain a UI to ask the user for a
>> query that conforms to this specification. This also means that you can add
>> new UI elements, such as checkboxes etc. to it. The new thing for the time
>> series and bar chart widgets will be that they'll have to support setting
>> time axes as drilldowns, while still offering the option to slice over time
>> and drill down by something else (maybe not for line graphs).
>> Cheers,
>>  - Friedrich
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