[openspending-dev] Spending Stories Calendar

Martin Keegan martin.keegan at okfn.org
Mon Jan 14 15:26:04 UTC 2013

This is in danger of getting a bit OTT.

There are three sorts of events I'd be concerned with:

1) the predicted/promised publication of data
2) the actual publication of data after it's happened
3) non-publication events (such as conferences, the budget speech, the
fiscal year end)

The data for 1) and 3) can be crowdsourced, and involves some manual
work; the data for 2) should ideally be generated programmatically.
Luckily these are all trivially small datasets.

The comparison of 1) and 2) allows an automated scoresheet for
compliance, which would be useful to people other than just the
journalists who'd tend to care about many of the other use cases


On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Friedrich Lindenberg
<friedrich at pudo.org> wrote:
> Actually, this is the use cases for two apps, spendingstories.org (the
> calendar) and mapthemoney.org (the CSO map), but we were discussing merging
> them to avoid further confusion. I think we'll begin with the basic calendar
> almost as a blog and then add semantics as we discover them - so the
> question there is just what the simplest calendar app looks like. We also
> have a lot of the contact information for "related groups" already in GDocs,
> so this will probably end up as a speedy
> GDocs-to-Map thing in the first instance.
> - Friedrich
> On 1/9/13 11:37 AM, Rufus Pollock wrote:
>> My immediate thought here is: that's quite a lot of use cases ;-)
>> Are there a few on which one could focus?
>> This would help me offer useful comments as to tech options ...
>> Rufus
>> On 8 January 2013 14:16, Friedrich Lindenberg <friedrich at pudo.org
>> <mailto:friedrich at pudo.org>> wrote:
>>     Hey Rufus,
>>     (for others, context:
>> http://www.pbs.org/idealab/2012/12/an-open-call-for-ideas-how-would-you-use-openspendings-data-calendar353.html)
>>     I was trying to ping you earlier about a technical question, trying
>>     to get your sense about the Spending Stories Calendar. There's user
>>     stories under http://wdmmg.okfnpad.org/calendar, and we're undecided
>>     about whether these put it into Wordpress/Duct-tape/Recline/GDocs
>>     land or whether to have a bespoke Python app (perhaps using GDocs in
>>     the back-end). I know that you're biased towards "glue apps" more
>>     than I am, plus it's more hackable without Python dev time. Still,
>>     my sense is that having a proper app would be better in terms of SEO
>>     and reliability.
>>     What do you think?
>>     Cheers,
>>       - Friedrich
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