[openspending-dev] Planned downtime: Tuesday September 30

Tryggvi Björgvinsson tryggvi.bjorgvinsson at okfn.org
Thu Oct 2 01:34:02 UTC 2014

On mið 1.okt 2014 15:04, Andres MRM wrote:
> Hello! Is the system back? I'm not been able to "Load" data in a dataset.
> Even after adding a source, waiting it to be analysed, found the columns,
> created the model with at least the 3 required columns, clicked in 
> "Test", it
> says "Loading" in the header of the page. After refreshing there is no
> "Loading" anymore. But neither a report about the data, nor a green 
> "Load"
> button to finally load it...
> Sorry if I missed something, but I just thought it was related 
> somehow, since
> it doesn't seem default behavior based in all the images I saw in the 
> docs,
> tutorials, videos etc.

Hey Andres,

There was quite a big queue being processed so things have taken some 
time. We should still have provided better feedback so I have created an 
issue for this (about showing users that something happened after 
clicking "Test"):


This also relates to another open issue which is about giving an idea of 
how big the queue is:


We recently upgraded the celery version we use and our celery handling 
so it should be simpler to fix this issue so I changed that from 
Volunteer: hard to Volunteer: medium.


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