[openspending-dev] Planned downtime: Tuesday September 30

Tryggvi Björgvinsson tryggvi.bjorgvinsson at okfn.org
Wed Sep 24 09:58:27 UTC 2014

Hi all (sorry for cross-posting)

We should always try to find the cheapest (but reliable) hosting option 
for OpenSpending. This is even more important now, since the 
OpenSpending platform does not have a revenue source to pay for the 
hosting (thank you Open Knowledge!). This means that moving to a cheaper 
hosting is very important and we are always on the hunt for cheaper 
hosting. We have now found a much cheaper infrastructure set up which we 
are going to move to.

So, next Tuesday, September 30, we have planned to move things around in 
our server infrastructure for https://openspending.org/

As a result we will have to put https://openspending.org into 
maintenance mode for a short time on Tuesday. We are going to try and 
minimize the downtime as much as we can so hopefully you won't notice 
that the site is down but still I wanted to give you all a heads up.

Thank you!


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