[openspending-dev] Scheduled downtime: January 5, 2015

Tryggvi Björgvinsson tryggvi.bjorgvinsson at okfn.org
Mon Jan 5 13:07:21 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I just noticed that I accidentally sent the email below (letting people
know of the scheduled downtime) to only the openspending developer list
(I sent it twice to the openspending-dev@ email address instead of the
openspending discussion list being one of those two). Sorry all but this
explain Konrad's email.

Anyways. We have now migrated to new servers so everything should be
working again and we shouldn't no longer experience sporadic downtimes
when the search engine goes down.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!


On fös 2.jan 2015 00:44, Tryggvi Björgvinsson wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all: Happy New Year and thank you for 2014. It was a huge year
> for OpenSpending. OpenSpending.org has grown fantastically over the year.
> Early 2014 we experienced problems due to our growth in 2014 when our
> search engine started running out of memory. It took us a while to
> pinpoint the problem and fix it. OpenSpending.org has since then
> continued to grow, even faster than we thought so we have again run into
> the same problem and as some of you might have seen OpenSpending.org has
> been going down quite often in the last week or so.
> This unfortunately means we need to fix it and we have decided to do so
> on January 5. This may lead to OpenSpending.org going down on Monday
> while we fix the issue by switching to bigger servers for the search
> engine. We will of course try to avoid as much downtime as possible.
> We have already started designing and thinking about a better
> architecture which will suit OpenSpending better and hopefully better
> avoid problems like these.
> I apologise for all the problems this causes.
> /Tryggvi

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