[openspending-dev] SpenDB, a light-weight tool for government financial data

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Wed Jun 3 07:31:13 UTC 2015

Hey all,

I've been spending a bit of time over the last few months preparing a much
simplified and modernised version of OpenSpending, called SpenDB. As the
first prototype is now running, I wrote up some of the major changes and
plans for the initiative:


There's also a live version of the prototype available (it doesn't do many
interesting things besides letting you upload data):


This is an open call for feedback - both technical and non-technical - and
for collaboration: I'd love to work with more people to make a great user
experience here, support easy data uploading, pivot tables and beautiful
charts. Who's interested?


- Friedrich

p.s. Note that this is a private initiative, it's only vaguely related to
OKFN's plans for "OpenSpending Next" (http://labs.openspending.org/next/).
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