[openspending-dev] Alternate metadata structure

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Tue May 5 18:41:56 UTC 2015

Hey all,

following last weeks discussion about data models, I thought I should sit
down and write up how I think a more versatile and precise version of the
BDP stuff could look like. This is based on the assumption that it is
desirable for the data model to

a) not rely on naming conventions excessively ("Explicit is better than
b) instead, use annotation to express the semantics of the dataset
c) align for budget comparison outside of the actual source dataset
d) keep it simple, don't consider hierarchies (cofog1... cofog3) for now

So here's a guided tour:


I want to emphasise that the additional structure is not just valuable for
BI/OLAP use cases, but also needed e.g. to generate a meaningful
ElasticSearch mapping, or to generate a transactional network graph.

Keen to hear what you think!

- Friedrich
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