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William Waites wwaites at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 21 12:03:53 UTC 2010

Just realized I had some collisions coming from not putting POG
in the URI. A better second URI to look at is:


(very long, no? but more readable than a uuid? hrmmm...)


Le 10-01-21 à 13:22, Rufus Pollock a écrit :

> Our immediate next steps must be to start building the data store,
> loading some data into it (and getting it out again).
> In building the store I see there as two main things we need to sort  
> out:
> 1. Domain model
> 2. Backend technology (SQL, RDF, document store e.g. couchdb etc)
> 3. APIs and access methods
> On all of these the best approach I think is to do a bit of basic
> planning and then to get something up and running asap to test out.
> Domain model is clearly the biggest issue and the main priority and I
> think it is almost certain we will get this at least partly wrong at
> first!
> Input on all of these items would be invaluable -- I know Dave has
> already in detail about the CRA "domain model", Will has played around
> with CRA and RDF, and Richard sent me an email about the domain model
> last week (Richard: perhaps you'd be happy to forward that to the
> list).
> In addition to this list I've also got a basic wiki page here where we
> can work on a consolidated spec:
> <http://wiki.okfn.org/p/Where_Does_My_Money_Go/Store>
> Regards,
> Rufus
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