[OpenSpending-discuss] Update on Spanish budget information

David Cabo david.cabo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 10:33:43 UTC 2012

 Hi Rufus,
> > * The government of Euskadi / Basque Country, the region leading the Open
> > Data movement here in Spain, has released their budgets for the last ~10
> > years in CSV [1]. This used to be published only in PDF, and as far as I
> This is brilliant. Could you add it to the DataHub:
> <http://thedatahub.org/group/openspending>
 Yes, I'll add all the data to the DataHub when I find a moment, hopefully by the end of this week(end). 
> Fantastic. Is there a way for us to contribute those visualizations
> back into the the OpenSpendingJS library of visualizations tools?
> Rufus 
 We'd gladly add them if it was our code, but we just customised the original VISup code for Italy, so it's best if you contact them. We heard about their visualization through the OKFN blog: 




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