[OpenSpending-discuss] What role can accountants play in projects such as OpenSpending? (Take 2) - Thursday 2nd Feb

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Tue Jan 31 18:04:46 UTC 2012

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 17:38:11 PM +0000, Lucy Chambers wrote:

> I'd like to try again to continue the really great discussion we
> started two weeks ago about what role accountants can play in
> citizen led initiatives such as OpenSpending.

Greetings, everybody!

I subscribed to this list only a few days ago, and this is the very
first message from it that I have time to read, so please forgive me
if this was already mentioned or is out of scope. This said, what
about _student_ accountants?

Why not involve (young) people who are just learning how accounting
works in analyzing the data and explaining them to the general public?

This (open data and accounting students) is just one of the examples I
made in my OGD talk about Open Data for Education, so if you want to
know more about where this idea comes from and why, please see:

Digital Rights courses and publications: http://mfioretti.com

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