[OpenSpending] Next Community Call Wednesday 13 February - 6PM GMT / 1PM EST / 7PM CET

Anders Pedersen anders.pedersen at okfn.org
Fri Feb 8 18:58:26 UTC 2013

Hi all,

It's time for another online Community Call, so mark your calendar for

13th February 2013, 6PM GMT (1PM EST, 7PM CET, [0] other time zones)

TOPIC: How to deal with data privacy in spending data?

At OpenSpending we've noticed that issues related to data privacy and
spending data have recently received growing attention. Last month a
community member identified transactions made to private individuals in one
of the council data sets, as the local council had failed to redact
identities from the list before releasing the data to the public [1]. The
discussion on transactional data and privacy is however far from new. In
2010 the European Court of Justice ruled that mandatory disclosure of names
of German recipients from EU farm subsidies amounted to a breach of their
privacy [2]. In countries like the US and United Kingdom, high disclosure
thresholds [3] limit the ability of the public to scrutinise smaller
suppliers. For the financial transparency community the data privacy issue
represents a challenge, as governments might be tempted to use this as
reason for limiting public disclosures.

[1] Full blog post here:

[3] Disclosure thresholds are 25k USDollar / UK Pounds

How to join?
Add your name and SkypeID to the etherpad here: http://wdmmg.okfnpad.org/17

Have a great weekend everyone!


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