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Hi all,

(apologies for the cross-post)

This may be of interest, there are a few days left to apply.

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (Bridge scheme) is
organising mentorships to pair up organisations working in transparency and
accountability with technical organisations to help to work out a combined
technology strategy.

Groups can apply for support for activities such as:

   - Development of tech project ideas into mission-driven active tech
   - Technology interventions in support of specific advocacy campaigns
   - Development or expansion of tech projects tied to donor-supported
   activities or funding proposals
   - Project-specific skills-building for sustained long-term capacity of
   relevant program staff

More information can be found here:

Should be really interesting as there are a lot of interesting
organisations already involved in the bridging scheme!


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 Dear Friends, ****

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As you know, Monday is the deadline to apply for a TABridge Mentorship. We
know it's a holiday in the U.S. and we are happy to extend the application
deadline for anyone, (US or elsewhere) for 2-3 days if you simply notify me
by Monday that your application is coming.****

** **

The mentorship program summary and application requirements is attached
again. We are excited about the applications received so far and looking
forward to the final batch.****

** **

Also attached for your review is the final summary of the 2012 Bridging
Session, drafted by Jed Miller and the organizer team. As promised, we are
making this available as a preview in case you have any concerns about
attribution. The summary will be live on the T/AI
site<http://tech.transparency-initiative.org/>on Monday, 25 February
so please send any concerns directly to me and we
will make sure to address them for the public version.****

** **

Thank you and we look forward to receiving the last few mentorship
applications and to speaking to you again very soon!****

** **

Best wishes,****

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Email: miriam.mccarthy at transparency-initiative.org **

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Twitter : TAInitiative <https://twitter.com/#!/>****

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Registered Charity in England and Wales - Reg. Number: 1105069  Registered
Company in England and Wales - Reg. Number: 4571628 ****

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