[OpenSpending] London Open Data Maker Night #10 this Thursday

Andy Lulham a.lulham at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 14:09:02 UTC 2014

Hi all,

If you made it along to the Open Data Day last month, you might (like
me) be feeling really enthusiastic about making apps and gaining
insight from open data. Well I have good news! We’ll be getting
together to do more of that at the London Open Data Maker Night this

So pop along to the Centre for Creative Collaboration (near Kings
Cross) from 6.30pm (it’s fine to drop in any time during the evening.)
We usually begin with informal presentations, so if you do want to
present anything then come along for 6.30pm.

More details on the meetup page:

Please share this invite with relevant folks and mailing lists! And as
usual, thanks to the Centre for Creative Collaboration for kindly
hosting this event.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday,


### What

Open Data Maker Nights are informal events focused on "making" with
open data – whether that's creating apps or insights. They aren't a
general meetup -- if you come, expect to get pulled into actually
building something, though we won't force you!

### Who

All are welcome. The events usually have short introductory talks
about specific projects and suggestions for things to work on – it’s
absolutely fine to turn up knowing nothing about data or openness or
tech as there’ll definitely be an activity for you to contribute to
and someone to guide you in helping out!

More about Open Data Maker Nights and Parties at

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