[OpenSpending] Timeouts on JSON API

Tryggvi Björgvinsson tryggvi.bjorgvinsson at okfn.org
Tue Mar 25 09:59:43 UTC 2014

On þri 25.mar 2014 09:25, Konrad Höffner wrote:
> The timeout problem still persists on the 25th of March here. Is there
> more information about the situation now, such as a timeline? Is there
> any alternative way on how to fetch the json files?

Hi Konrad,

Sorry for cross-posting. I'm moving this to the openspending developer
list where all of the techies hang out.

Michael Bauer was right in that we're having some serious problems with
OpenSpending. We all try to work on fixing those when we have time but
that's going slower than we would want (we have to prioritise paid work
before those fixes). So first of all, sorry for that.

The biggest problem we're running into has to do with our search engine
(Solr) which runs out of memory now and then and will require us to dig
deep into the reasons. The way we fix this now is that we watch
OpenSpending.org and when we notice problems we restart Solr.

We would love if somebody could help us out with Solr to fix the
problems or if somebody would sponsor us to do it (so we can prioritise
it up there with all of the other paid work we do). Believe me, this is
the single highest priority task of OpenSpending at the moment.

Until we have this fixed, we would appreciate if you could let us know
about any problems on our IRC channel: #openspending on Freenode:

Konrad, I just tried to access
and it returned a json file just fine. Could you test it out? If you
have any problems I'm on the IRC channel so please pop by and we can
take a better look into this.


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