[OpenSpending] Which statistical questions would you like to pose to an automated system?

Konrad Höffner konrad.hoeffner at uni-leipzig.de
Tue May 6 10:07:15 UTC 2014

Dear OpenSpending community,

We plan to develop an automatic question answering system for
statistical questions and for this we need your help.
Please consider telling us at http://tinyurl.com/statisticalqa, which
questions you would be interested to pose to such a system.
At May 12, we will collect and analyse the questions to find out, which
functionality we need to implement.
The first target knowledge base will be LinkedSpending, the RDF
conversion of OpenSpending. But you don't need to limit yourself to
financial questions.

Konrad Höffner <http://aksw.org/KonradHoeffner>
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