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Julia Keserű jkeseru at sunlightfoundation.com
Tue May 6 19:56:28 UTC 2014

Hey all,

As many of you may know, last week the U.S. House of Representatives
Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, or DATA
Act <http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/2061>, sending
it to President Barack Obama for his signature.

The bill would: 1) Establish government-wide financial data standards; 2)
Require the entire federal government to comply with the new standards; and
3) Ensure that more and better
#opendata<https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/opendata>is published

It's something we here at Sunlight have been working on for years, and -
while it's not perfect - we're thrilled to see Congress taking this big
step for transparency.

Is anyone aware of any other legislation outside the US that compares to
the DATA Act? I am planning to compile a list of relevant laws.



(Read more on the DATA Act from Sunlight:

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