[OpenSpending] Help map out financial data projects in African countries!

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Mon Oct 6 10:03:50 UTC 2014

Hey OpenSpending folks, 

as I’ve mentioned to some of you, I’m looking to work on AfricanSpending.org, turning it into Code for Africa’s (http://codeforafrica.org) resource on financial data. We’re not quite sure where to go with the site, so I’m doing a bit of research to find out more about what is happening on this group of topics in African countries. To that end, I’ve started setting up a little Google Doc that lists projects, datasets and initiatives of interest: 


I’d love to find out what other initiatives people on this list are aware of, so please add any items that are missing! Here’s some guidelines, feel free to ignore: 

- It doesn’t matter if its a group, a project, a piece of software or a dataset.
- It’s loosely related to Africa and public finance (or other, like FDI, remittances).
- It’s data-driven, or could/should be.
- It’s not a bubbly map of aid projects ;) 

Bonus points for any of the following: 

- NGOs/Initiatives that would benefit from using data in their work, but aren’t yet
- Projects that combine public data with community monitoring 
- Interesting datasets around extractives, procurement, …

This exercise has very little structure, so if you have ideas for how to get it all properly taxonomised, please let me know :) 

All the best, 

- Friedrich 

Friedrich Lindenberg (@pudo) - flindenberg at icfj.org
Knight International Journalism Fellow with Code for Africa
International Center For Journalists - http://icfj.org
http://pudo.org - http://codeforafrica.org - http://investigativecenters.org/

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