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Laura Newman laura.newman at okfn.org
Fri Jun 1 10:25:10 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Many thanks for the enthusiasm that has bubbling for the School of Data.
It's been great to see the mailing list so well used - but for some people
it has perhaps become *too* well used!

>From now on, *this list is going to be low-traffic, *and should be used for
major announcements only.

I have created a second list for those who wants to become more involved in
the development of the School of Data. This is the place to share datasets
and resources, to test-run courses and give feedback, and to help us to
shape the School of Data curriculum. We hope that many of you will chose to
join the discussion list, and that it will be a lively hub for the Data
Wrangler (and trainee Data Wrangler!) community.

***Sign up for the development list here: *
http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/scoda-dev ****

More announcements about the School of Data, including a timeline and an
outline curriculum, will be coming next week (following the Jubilee holiday
in the UK). If you want a sneak-peek in the meantime, take a look at
Stiivi's blog post:

Thanks again for all your input, and I hope to see many of you across on
the new list! :)


Laura Newman
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: lauranewmanonskype
Twitter: @Newmanlk
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