[School-of-data] CORRECTED: Introducing myself, Linked Heritage and Indecs data models

Michael Hopwood michael at editeur.org
Mon May 21 10:56:13 UTC 2012

Hi there School of Data,

I'm leading a work package in the www.linkedheritage.eu<http://www.linkedheritage.eu> project, contributing and enhancing metadata towards www.europeana.eu<http://www.europeana.eu> - my part in it is adding specifications for ingesting commercial product metadata into heritage data collections a la:






etc... the idea is to allow discovery and enhanced data through contributing and enriching the metadata, in return for potential sales because the data will contain a link to a retail environment for each product described.

I'm happy to talk about uses for commercial product data for books/music/film&TV/photos and introduce some of the ideas used in this field, especially http://www.doi.org/topics/indecs/indecs_framework_2000.pdf and related data models.

They're commercial models, but actually most of the data structures are usable in non-commercial settings.


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