[School-of-data] introduction and Open data in/from Education

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Fri Oct 12 07:21:45 UTC 2012


I'm Marco, freelance writer, trainer, popularizer on "digital rights"
things, from e-waste to open data and education. You can read more
about my work at http://mfioretti.com

My first, but not only, reason to join this list is to share ideas,
material, proposals, organize courses for teachers, etc... around the
"Open Data in and from Education" proposal I presented last year at
the OKFN camp:


In my opinion, the first way to go about it is to work directly on
teachers, from simply presenting success stories and opportunities, to
eventually organizing ***specific*** courses for them. Higher level
initiatives are good, but probably harder to get funds/sponsors, and
students will try anything that their teachers will tell them may
procure good marks.

Feedback, criticism, links, questions etc.. all very welcome, of


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