[School-of-data] MOOC for the school of data

alberto abella alberto.abella at rooter.es
Wed Feb 13 19:04:22 UTC 2013

After taking some classes in school of data

Somehow school of data is a MOOC. 

Why don't we think on using a mooc platform?

I would propose openmooc because it is open source and it is able to
deal with thousands of  people. 

It is also true that I am involved in the project since the beginning
but I think that it really fits our needs because:
1) It is made on python (django) (like ckan)
2) It is able to deal with tenths thousands of people (there are 70.000
people in http://unedcoma.es and there is an open data course in it.
3) There is a community of people developing and for the moment some
funding is committed for 2013. 
4) source code available. https://github.com/OpenMOOC
5) A roadmap is available. http://openmooc.org/roadmap/
6) Interface is available in English (and spanish as well)

If you want to test it, there is a demo site,
http://demo-aprendomas.openmooc.org . You have to register and after
that send an email to be upgraded to course creator. 
Once registered send it your user (mail)  to info at openmooc.org and you
will be upgraded. (it's me also)



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