[School-of-data] Data Explorer Mission: Project Plan (please read me)

Vanessa Gennarelli vanessa at p2pu.org
Mon Jul 15 14:23:55 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We plan to run a larger iteration of the Data Explorer Mission this fall.
Anders, Anna and I have been working together on a top-level project plan
for this project, and will be working on it in more detail August 4-5 at
our MOOC meeting.

I wanted to share the plan with the community for feedback and ideas.

I've copied the project plan below, but please feel free to comment on

*Project Name:* Data Explorer Mission

   - Responsible: Vanessa

   - Accountable: Philipp and Rufus

   - Consulted: Anders, Neil, Lucy, Anna

   - Informed: P2PU Community, School of Data Community

*Trello board:*
*Budget:* TBA

*Project Team & Roles (who does what)*

   - Vanessa: Project Manager

   - Niel: Content Development and Subject Matter Expert

   - Anna Sarkoyan: Content Development and Peer Learning Consultant

   - Anders: Community Outreach & Publicity Plan

   - Dirk: Tech Lead & Implementation

*Milestones (dates & deliverables)*

   - 5 August 2013: Project Plan Complete

   - Content Development

   - Topic and associated resources--TBD

   - Signup flow / landing page

   - Group by time available

   - Group by area of interest

   - Peer onboarding

   - Social feature spec

   - Content revision

   - Meet with an Expert

   - Integrate OKFN Q & A

   - Troubleshooting: how to help groups that aren't working

   - Publicity plan

   - Community plan

   - What happens after the Data Explorer Mission? Where do we want people
   to go?

   - Recruitment to P2PU and SCODA

   - Tech feature plan

   - 15 September 2013: Open for Signup

   - 1 October 2013: Course begins (6 weeks)

*Next step(s)*

   - Anders: tentative recruitment and community plan & thinking about
   potential topics

   - Niel & Anna: revisions to content on Google doc (including topic)

   - Vanessa: wireframe out social features, peer onboarding, manage Trello
   board, signup flow

   - MOOC Meeting: develop the Trello board and assign roles and


Anders on vacation: Sep 19-Sept 29

Learning Lead, Peer 2 Peer University
vanessa at p2pu.org
@mozzadrella <https://twitter.com/#!/mozzadrella>
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