[School-of-data] Course editing on the new School of Data platform

Michael Bauer michael.bauer at okfn.org
Wed Apr 23 11:45:51 UTC 2014


As you might know I started working on a new platform for the School of
Data a while back. We've grown out of wordpress and there are a couple of
things we'd like to do better. One of them is the creation/translation and
curation of courses.

I've just started to work on this and would love to get your feedback and
input: What do you think are the most important things there?

How would you like to edit the courses? Would markdown work? Or would you
prefer a fully fledged WYSIWYG editor? How much freedom is needed - how
much structure does there need to be?

I know this are a lot of questions, but we do want to make it easier to
create new courses for everyone (and I do believe most of the people on
this list have valuable skills to share) so what would be the ideal way for


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