[School-of-data] Course editing on the new School of Data platform

Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes at seas.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 23 15:55:52 UTC 2014

On 4/23/14, 9:25 AM, Tony.Hirst wrote:
> I¹ve started looking at using IPython notebooks for authoring course
> material for web delivery that needs to blend prose with interactive
> elements and the can also support embedded items.
[disclaimer: I am a Python addict and work for Continuum, the creators 
of the Anaconda Python Distribution]

IPython Notebooks are the future for this kind of thing, IMO.

Instructors can prepare content and then share it via GitHub, or publish 
it in a gist and use nbviewer.ipython.org or other mechanisms for 
students to view or clone the content.

It supports code, data, graphics, and prose.  This can be viewed as a 
large web page, or in a "slide show" view.  It can produce LaTeX output 
(and from that PS or PDF).

And it isn't Python specific through language add-ins. I *believe* the 
list of supported "other" languages right now is:


Anaconda Python Distribution (http://continuum.io/downloads) makes this 
available cross-platform very easily.  Plus that gets you setup with the 
conda package management system which is also cross-platform, 
language-neutral, non-root way of installing arbitrary sandboxed 
binaries and data files (a much faster, easier, and nicer option over 
docker, vagrant, virtualenv, virtualbox, vmware, etc. etc.)

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