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The *International Network of Crisis Mappers (Crisis Mappers Net)* is the
largest and most active international community of experts, practitioners,
policymakers, technologists, researchers, journalists, scholars, funders,
hackers and skilled volunteers engaged at the intersection of humanitarian
crises, new technology, crowd-sourcing, and crisis mapping. Some of the
topics that are covered include on crisis, conflict, environmental and
human right issues using maps and data. We host an annual conference to
network, talk about the work and grapple with current day topics.

At ICCM last year, Oludotun (new Fellow) and Ketty (Senior Fellow) spoke.
The ignite talks are highly competitive, so submit your talk soon. There
are also pre-conference training and workshops. Last year, School of Data
hosted a training track (which rocked!). ICCM Tickets will sell out so
start planning.

Check out some of the talks on Youtube - full of free learning

(Disclosure: I am one of the core organizers and, as such, I cannot be
involved in your applications to speak or any application for ICCM
scholarship.)  I will work with the School of Data team to find a delegate
for your questions : )



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Dear CrisisMappers,

Registration is now officially open for ICCM 2014: New York!

We'd like to officially and warmly welcome you to the 6th annual
International Conference of Crisis Mappers, to be held in Manhattan from
November 6-9, 2014. We hope you can make it!

*pw: *ICM2014 at P&G

Warmest regards,



*ICCM 2014: New York City

*Affected Communities in Spotlight OVERVIEW
<http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-2014-overview> |* *AGENDA
| REGISTRATION <http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-2014-registration>*

*Hotel & Travel*
<http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-2014-hotel-travel>* |** Ignite
Talks <http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-2014-ignite-talks> | Tech &
Analysis Fair <http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-2014-tech-analysis-fair> **|
** Self-Organized Sessions

*ICCM 2014 Primary Conference Sponsor:*
* <https://www.google.org/crisisresponse/>*
Special thanks to *Google Crisis Response
<https://www.google.org/crisisresponse/>* for their generous support!

ICCM 2014 is co-organized in collaboration with *The New School
the official host of the conference

and in co-partnership with

*The Humanitarian Design Lab, Parsons The New School for Design

*The ICT4Peace Foundation <http://ict4peace.org> *&* John Carroll
University <http://sites.jcu.edu/>*


&  the rest of our sponsors & affiliates:

*The New York City Office of Emergency Management <http://nyc.gov/oem>  &
Green Map <http://www.greenmap.org/greenhouse/en/home> *


*OEM logo ©2014. New York City Office of Emergency Management. All rights

The International Conference of Crisis Mappers (ICCM) is the leading
humanitarian technology event of the year, bringing together the most
important humanitarian, human rights, development and media organizations
with the world's best technology companies, software developers and
academics. As thus one of the few neutral spaces where such important
conversations can take place, the annual ICCM conference brings together a
wide range of diverse actors for important conversations that lead to
concrete new projects and deliverables across a variety of diverse domains.
As a community of practice, the ICCM thus helps facilitate new projects and
catalyzes innovation in the area of humanitarian technology.

*Why New York?* After sold-out conferences in *Cleveland (2009
<http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-2009>)*, *Boston (**2010
<http://www.crisismappers.net/page/iccm-2010-haiti-and-beyond>**)*, *Geneva
(**2011 <http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-geneva-2011>**)*,
*Washington (**2012
<http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-washington-2012>**)*, *& Nairobi (**2013
<http://crisismappers.net/page/iccm-nairobi-2013>**)*, the decision to
bring ICCM to New York was based on a desire to learn from a local
community that clearly has much to teach us all.  After witnessing the
groundswell of general public support during Hurricane Irene and Hurricane
Sandy, it became clear that the community in New York is already actively
engaged in leveraging crowdsourcing, humanitarian technology, participatory
mapping, and microtasking for support during a crisis.

Thus, the theme for this year's event, *Affected Communities in
Spotlight*, will
focus on better engaging and understanding populations as the primary
referent during a disaster. In keeping with our mission for this year, the
organizers have incorporated the local response community and volunteer
partners in New York into the conference agenda, and seek to build out more
opportunities in this domain. As such, we have arranged pre-conference site
visit opportunities to the* New York Office of Emergency Management
<http://www.nyc.gov/html/oem/html/home/home.shtml>* & an *Adapting to
Change Walking Tour with Green Map System
<http://www.greenmap.org/greenhouse/en/home>*, among others, and look
forward to hearing about engagement from a local and global perspective.

*ICCM 2014 Content Curation & Conference Organization Team*:

Mathan Ratinam <http://www.newschool.edu/lang/faculty.aspx?id=92498>, Nigel
Snoad <http://crisismappers.net/profile/NigelSnoad>, Maryam Ghofraniha
<http://crisismappers.net/profile/MaryamGhofraniha>, Melissa Elliott
<http://crisismappers.net/profile/MelissaElliott>, Sanjana Hattotuwa
<http://crisismappers.net/profile/Sanjana>, Heather Leson
<http://textontechs.com/bio/>, Daniel Stauffacher
<http://crisismappers.net/profile/DanielStauffacher>, Tom Weinandy
<http://crisismappers.net/profile/TomWeinandy>, & Jen Ziemke
<http://jenziemke.wordpress.com/> together with many other colleagues.
Thank you all for your valuable input!

*Conference & Network Co-Founders: Patrick Meier
<http://www.crisismappers.net/profile/PatrickMeier> & Jen Ziemke

Please contact jen at crisismappers.net if you are interested in supporting
our ICCM Fellows Program, enabling first-rate scholars, students &
practitioners from around the world to attend the conference.

Jen Ziemke, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Co-Curator:  http://www.CrisisMappers.net
The Humanitarian Technology Network

Associate Professor, John Carroll University
Fellow, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Jen Ziemke, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Co-Curator:  http://www.CrisisMappers.net
The Humanitarian Technology Network

Associate Professor, John Carroll University
Fellow, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

CrisisMappers | The Humanitarian Technology Network

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