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Hey all,

I though this might be of interest to some of you.


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Grant Opportunities: Calling all Change-Makers

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Launching the IACC Social Entrepreneurs Initiative

 Today, we launch both a *Global*
and a *Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region*
edition of the IACC Social Entrepreneurs Initiative. With both
competitions, we invite people to pitch ideas for innovative projects to
fight corruption in their communities.

The initiative aims to encourage citizen engagement and enable people to
take an active role in becoming change makers in their own societies. *The
three winners from each competition will be awarded a seed grant of 5,000
Euros* to support the kick-start of their new anti-corruption project. The
IACC believes we need innovative ideas and fresh thinking if we want to
create a world free of corruption. Check out some of our other *SEI winners*
for inspiration.

What will the winners receive?

• The six grantees will receive seed funding for their project worth 5000
• They will join the SEI network, with each of the projects featured
on the *IACC
SEI page*
• They will be sponsored to participate in the next gathering of the
International Anti-Corruption Conference

 How to apply?

To kick start your thinking process here is a short overview of what you
will need:

• Completed online application form
• A Planning template to show us what steps or activities their project
will involve
• A Budget Template to show us how you are planning to spend the grant

 Click for more detailed information on the application process for each
competition: *SEI Global*
<http://transparencyinternational.cmail2.com/t/r-l-mtddlld-irhkyhtrhh-i/>, *SEI

The winning projects will be selected by an expert international jury based
on the following criteria: Entrepreneurial vision; feasibility; innovation;
impact; sustainability; relevance to anti-corruption, integrity or


Projects pitches will be accepted from now until the 15 October 2014 and no
later. We will announce the winners by the end of November 2014.

If you have any questions at all, check out our *FAQs*
or write to *sei[at]transparency.org <http://transparency.org>* and we will
get back to you!

Spread the word!

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with all you think may be interesting in pitching an idea. Or you can tweet
about it directly here!

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