[School-of-data] Fw: How to translate School of Data materials into Japanese

Masayuki Hatta mhatta at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 15:04:36 UTC 2014

[Some time ago I sent this mail to schoolofdata at okfn.org, but get no
reply yet.  Actually this mail doesn't contain any private
information,  so I re-send it to this mailing list...]


I'm teaching Management Information Systems at a small university in
Japan.  I also teach an introductory computer programming & data
visualization course using Processing, and something like "Tech &
Journalism" course at a different unversity.

Next year, I'll possibly have to take over another course, and I'd
like to develop it as an introductory data analysis course using
mostly FLOSS.

It would be really nice if I could use School of Data courses for a
part of my course(and possibly write & contribute new ones if not
existed yet). My students are not fluent in English, so I need to make
them translated into Japanese.  I can do that by myself, but there's a

How can I translate the School of Data website?  Of course I can
prepare my own web server and put translation to it, but I appreciate
if I could put them on the main School of Data site.  Or at least I'd
like to have a copy of the system behind School of Data(seems
customized Wordpress?) and data dump.  Could you tell me the proper
translation procedure?

Best regards,

Masayuki Hatta
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management, Surugadai
University, Japan


mhatta at gnu.org  / mhatta at debian.org / mhatta at opensource.jp /
hatta.masayuki at surugadai.ac.jp

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