[School-of-data] Community Data Wrangling -- Food Data Analysis Project

Simon Cropper simoncropper at fossworkflowguides.com
Thu Jul 17 10:11:03 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I have started working on the Community Data Wrangling -- Food Data 
Analysis Project.

This project aims to...

 1. create a standardized authoritative and open database of what is
    found in the food we consume (i.e. nutrients, additives and
 2. run community data wrangling projects and/or events to both...
      * tease out answers to community-posed questions, and
      * help train people in standard data wrangling techniques;
 3. distribute the outcome of these investigations to the general public
    to improve the quality and reliability of information being
    disseminated on food composition.

This project's base data, analyses and products will be stored on a 
publicly accessible GitHub repository 
<https://github.com/SimonChristopherCropper/Food_Data_Analysis>. All 
data stored in this repository are released under open licenses 
<http://opendefinition.org/od/>, which allow for the creation and 
distribution of comparable derivatives.

People interested in participating in various stages of the project can 
register on the community forum 
<http://www.fossworkflowguides.com/Community/> and subscribe to a 
specific activity or forum.

I have created a landing page for visitors that outline the project, the 
data being used and eventually each project as they come on-line. This 
is just a static webpage to centralize links, not the main forum to 
disseminate information -- each participant will be able to use their 
own social media sites to do this.


If you are interested I hope to see you registering on the forum and/or 
forking the GitHub repository! Once you get on the forum, please 
introduce yourself and your interests so if a project slips past you, I 
can poke you if you have expressed interest in a particular topic.

I would like to thank Tam McKenzie for her assistance in creating a logo 
for the project. She created a great looking logo for the project and 
saved me considerable amount of time.

*The initial project* I will be working on is to revisit all the 
databases again and prepare an article for publication on the variety of 
licenses used with this type of data. My initial analysis showed only 3 
of the 32 databases checked were released under open licenses. I would 
like to document these characteristics more thoroughly and discuss the 
implications this has on data accessibility and derivative creation. If 
anyone is interested in this project subscribe to the specific licensing 
forum in your *User Control Panel* and/or reply to this thread 
<http://www.fossworkflowguides.com/Community/showthread.php?tid=1> to be 
notified once a team has assembled. Hope to see you there.

Happy Wrangling Simon

On 17/06/14 01:34, E.C Okpo wrote:
> Welcome Simon!,
> It's great to meet another person interested in food data. I am also 
> exploring doing analysis with Pandas.
> I know you're primarily interested in nutritional composition, but you 
> should check out this article 
> http://www.flavourjournal.com/content/2/1/4. The author used Network 
> Analysis to explore flavor pairings, and had some interesting findings.
> Christy
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