[School-of-data] Our 2014 report is out!

Zara Rahman zara.rahman at okfn.org
Thu Jan 15 11:10:15 UTC 2015

Dear all,

We're very happy to share with you our 2014 review report, now online here:


Including activities from our brilliant global community, our shared
projects and Fellowship programme. If you're interested in supporting us
or collaborating on our 2014 activities, you'll find details on how to
get in touch with us in the accompanying blog post.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the year!


Zara Rahman
Open Development Toolkit Lead | skype: zara.rahman | @zararah
Development Initiatives <http://devinit.org> | /Development Initiatives
is committed to ending poverty by 2030/
The Open Knowledge Foundation <http://www.okfn.org> | /Empowering
through Open Knowledge/

Open Development Toolkit http://opendevtoolkit.net | @opendevtoolkit
<http://www.twitter.com/opendevtoolkit> | Tools and training around open
development data

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