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HI folks, I thought you might be interested in this


Heather Leson
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Hey Folks!

This may be of interest to some of you.

Angela Oduor Lungati.
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*Date: *January 7, 2015 at 3:36:00 PM EAT
*Subject: **The Umati Dev Group*
*From: *Data Lab <data at ihub.co.ke>

Its a new year and the data lab is exploring new ideas. Subsequent to
open-sourcing the UmatiCodebase <https://github.com/iHub/UmatiCodebase>, we
are setting up a developer group to extend the functionalities of the Umati
Data Logger. These functionalities include but are not limited to:

   - Adding data sources (RSS feed e.t.c).
   - User management.
   - Data visualization.
   - Execution optimisation.


The current system is built in Ruby and includes three major components;
data collection (Twitter, Facebook, Disqus), Data Labeller, and session
management. If you are proficient in R, Python or Ruby and interested in
joining the developer group kindly send and e-mail to data at ihub.co.ke
titled Umati Dev Group.

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